VIDEO: AgriVision Equipment Group, PrairieLand Partners to Enter Joint Venture

Wed November 10, 2021
PrairieLand Partners

With the future needs and expectations of its customers and employees top of mind, AgriVision Equipment Group and PrairieLand Partners are entering into a joint venture effective Jan. 3, 2022, pending Deere & Company approval.

"By joining forces, we combine the resources of two innovative organizations with complementary cultures, goals and a shared vision for the future," the companies said in a statement.

Both AgriVision Equipment and PrairieLand Partners will continue to operate under their current brands and customers will continue to work with the same people at their local dealerships. This joint venture is designed to deliver the same experience plus more opportunities for success both for customers and employees.

The following service enhancements will occur as a result of this joint venture:

  • Ability to research and leverage new products, technologies and services to maximize your return on these investments.
  • Expanded opportunity to provide timely, innovative solutions including superior service, more product experts, best practices from a larger combined geography, and additional seasonal support when you need it most.
  • Optimum availability of parts and inventory along with the expertise to back them up.

By joining two successful companies, the joint venture will be able to deliver:

  • The ability to leverage new John Deere technology and products sooner.
  • Opportunities to advance research and development e.g., limited production builds and field plots.
  • Dedicated teams that support customers' increased technology use and equipment optimization needs.
  • Progressive and timely training for our employees and customers to succeed in their jobs and in their operations.
  • Experienced leadership with a vision for the future and a commitment to our customers and employees.

As a result of the joint venture, the following leadership changes will occur:

  • Jeremy Ostrander (current CEO of AgriVision Equipment) will serve as CEO of the combined company.
  • Darrell Pankratz (current CEO of PrairieLand Partners) will be chairman of the board.
  • Steve Kaufman will be general manager of PrairieLand Partners
  • Steve Mead will be general manager of AgriVision Equipment
Commitment to Customers

"We are embarking on this joint venture with the best interests of our customers and employees top of mind. This joint venture will be guided by our shared values of integrity, innovation and servant leadership to propel our collective future success. Throughout this process, we will provide transparent communication," the companies said.

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

Will the employees I deal with and the service I receive locally change because of this joint venture?

We appreciate that your relationships with our local employees are important, and we want to assure you that your day-to-day interactions with your current stores will remain very much the same. Service will remain a top priority for all locations.

Will my local store's name or brand change?

No. Both AgriVision Equipment and PrairieLand Partners will continue to operate under their current brands.

How will this joint venture give me improved access to technology and innovation?

PrairieLand Partners and AgriVision Equipment both work closely with John Deere on technology use and testing with experimental products. Each organization invests in education plots. We will expand our investment in these types of activities under the joint venture, helping bring more new technologies to our customers sooner.

How will the combined geography of the two organizations benefit me?

Customers will benefit from the expanded geography and store locations in greater access to parts and equipment, more product and technology experts, best practices from similar geographies, and a broader team to support you in the busy seasons when you need it the most.

Will you continue to provide training for customers?

We are committed to providing progressive and timely training for customers. We will continue to offer you seasonal training coupled with timely technology enhancements to optimize your equipment and technology investments.