Essential Maintenance, Securities to Safeguard Farming Assets

Wed November 01, 2023
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A lot can go wrong on a farm.

From equipment breakdowns to wrongdoers trespassing on the land, much needs to be done to protect a farmer's livelihood. Below, we'll go over a few of the most important aspects of asset protection and equipment maintenance every agricultural professional needs to know.

Often, the first step in protecting sizable equipment and other expensive assets is to invest in a superior-constructed storage building. Whether it's a large garage, pole barn or warehouse, the materials and craftmanship should be top quality.

A modern route is utilizing strength-tested metal construction. Steel facilities, for instance, can last generations, be customized to individual specifications and maintain ideal indoor conditions all while remaining cost effective.

These buildings not only shelter tractors, combines and other equipment from the elements, but also from the threat of human and animal intruders. To achieve optimal protection, they should be equipped with the latest surveillance technology. While a barking guard dog can be a great deterrent, the right cameras, security lights and motion detectors could make all the difference in stopping thievery before it happens.

Farmers are encouraged to install perimeter fencing, gate locks, GPS tracking and all manners of access control to gain peace of mind.

Another key form of protection is preventative maintenance. Repairs and equipment downtime can be very costly. By following a fixed maintenance schedule, these impairments and their detrimental outcomes may be avoided. It also works to ensure maximum productivity and profitability.

Included in this routine should be oil changes, filter replacements, battery tune-ups, calibrations, lubrications, cleanings and so on. Safety equipment, such as harnesses and lights, need to be inspected on a regular basis as well. Be sure to follow all recommendations laid out by the manufacturer. When done consistently, all these necessary tasks help to prevent potential setbacks and identify minor issues before they become major problems.

As these inspections are carried out, it's vital to document everything accurately. By keeping a detailed record of all upkeep, it provides a clear reference in case of warranty or insurance claims. Speaking of insurance, obtaining adequate insurance coverage is another essential on the list. Necessary for safeguarding assets from a wide range of predicaments, insurance policies should be reviewed regularly and updated with each new acquisition. It's also advised to mark expensive pieces of property with an owner applied number and register it with the proper authorities in case of theft.

These are just the basics of farm equipment protection. For more information, visit, and

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