VIDEO: ROC Presents Its Products to U.S. Market

Mon June 17, 2024

ROC, an Italian company 80 percent owned by Kubota and specializing in the production of professional hay mergers, is presenting its products to the American market.

In the last years, ROC has become a market leader in the field of hay production and export — 65 percent of European alfalfa dehydration plants are using its mergers, and in countries like France and Italy this percentage reaches even 85 percent.

ROC currently is selling its mergers in 43 countries all around the world and is a worldwide market leaders in this type of product in terms of range of models, which is the widest on the market; number of units produced yearly; and number of countries where its mergers are sold.

ROC's mergers are designed to work up to 2,000/2,500 hours per year, also with large quantities, and they are particularly suitable to work on alfalfa, forages, wheat straw and oat straw, keeping the crop free of dust or stones and avoiding any loss of alfalfa leaves, according to the manufacturer.

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Photo courtesy of ROC

The ROC RT 840 M rake is designed to work in front of the tractor of a self-propelled mower.