Tri-State Bobcat, Farmer Go High-Tech With MaxControl

Tri-State Bobcat customer Ryan Buck, a 5th-generation farmer, now has the means to keep up with his work around the farm.

Wed October 11, 2023
Tri-State Bobcat

In today's world, technology surrounds us wherever we go. From cell phones that never seem to leave our side, to drones that save construction companies thousands of dollars annually on labor, everyone seems to be adopting technology in a new way. This holds true for Ryan Buck, a 5th-generation farmer and wheelchair-bound individual.

Tri-State Bobcat was able to replace Buck's inefficient track loader with a new Bobcat T595 compact track loader fitted with MaxControl remote operation. This gives Buck the independence he needs to continue growing his family's farm. He was recommended to Tri-State Bobcat by his brother, Adam, a long-time customer of Tri-State Bobcat and a local construction owner.

Adam knew that the salesman he had been working with for years, Mark LaVigne, would find the best options for his brother. LaVigne has been a compact equipment salesman for more than 20 years and is the loving father to a wheelchair-bound son. He built a great relationship with Ryan. As LaVigne was searching for the perfect option to meet Ryan's needs. Bobcat's MaxControl system stood out as a great option.

Bobcat MaxControl is the ultimate digital companion for professionals in construction, farming and home projects. This innovative platform simplifies equipment management with its user-friendly interface, allowing users to monitor and control their Bobcat machinery remotely.

With real-time data insights, customization options and seamless integration, MaxControl boosts efficiency, minimizes downtime and ensures optimal performance, making it an indispensable tool for a wide range of industries. Bobcat MaxControl isn't just a digital tool; it's a key to unlocking independence in your work. MaxControl empowers the user to efficiently complete tasks in a timely manner, without the assistance of others.

The MaxControl System was the solution to the challenges Ryan was facing on his farm. Suddenly, he had a full-sized remote-control track loader, unlocking endless possibilities. After a brief tutorial with LaVigne and the technicians at Tri-State Bobcat, Ryan effortlessly loaded his new track loader onto his trailer and took it to its new home.

Tri-State Bobcat followed up with Ryan after he had the opportunity to operate his new track loader. Shortly after arriving at his farm, this piece of equipment unlocked so much potential and allows for more opportunities for him to keep up with his responsibilities around the farm.

With his newfound capabilities, Ryan can efficiently work in the fields and easily transport this piece of equipment between jobs, easily logging numerous hours operating this machine.

Tri-State Bobcat looks forward to supporting him and his family with any future endeavors and to optimize their family-owned businesses.