Yanmar America Unveils Groundbreaking E-Tractor at Equipment Expo 2023

Yanmar America’s e-tractor concept was shown for the first time at Equipment Expo 2023.

Wed October 18, 2023
Yanmar America

Yanmar America, a provider of agricultural and industrial solutions, debuted its cutting-edge e-tractor concept at Equipment Expo 2023.

This all-new development from Yanmar marks the first public appearance of the innovative electric tractor concept, offering users a versatile powertrain selection tailored to their specific work needs, the manufacturer said.

A key highlight of the e-tractor is its utilization of advanced batteries sourced from Yanmar Group subsidiary ELEO, headquartered in the Netherlands. ELEO is renowned for its pioneering battery technology, incorporating proprietary safety and efficiency features.

ELEO's modular battery systems, showcased at ConExpo 2023, enable flexible configurations to suit various machinery and power demands. Safety remains a top priority, with ELEO's batteries designed to meet stringent industry safety standards.

Yanmar America's prototype e-tractor represents a significant stride toward sustainable, efficient and adaptable farming equipment, underscoring Yanmar's commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility.

For more information, visit yanmar.com/us.